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AliasedValueUsed to return aggregate, group by, and aliased values from a query.
AttributeCollectionProvides a collection of attributes for an entity.
AttributeLogicalNameAttributeUsed by the code generation tool to create classes based on entities.
AttributePrivilegeSpecifies the field level security privileges allowed for an attribute.
AttributePrivilegeCollectionSpecifies a collection of field level security privileges allowed for the specified attributes.
BaseServiceFaultRepresents a service fault.
BooleanManagedPropertyDefines a managed property that stores a boolean value.
DiscoveryServiceFaultRepresents a discovery service fault.
EntityRepresents an instance of an entity (a record).
EntityCollectionContains a collection of entity instances.
EntityReferenceIdentifies a record.
EntityReferenceCollectionContains a collection of entity references.
FieldPermissionTypeDefines the possible field permission types.
FormattedValueCollectionContains a collection of formatted values for the attributes for an entity.
InvalidPluginExecutionExceptionRepresents an exception that occurred during plug-in execution.
LabelContains a collection of translations for a label.
LocalizedLabelContains a localized label, including the label string and the language code.
LocalizedLabelCollectionDefines a collection of LocalizedLabel.
ManagedPropertyDefines a managed property.
MoneyContains the value for a money attribute.
OptionSetValueRepresents a value for an attribute that has an option set.
OrganizationRequestContains the data needed to execute a request and the base class for all organization requests.
OrganizationResponseContains the response from a request and the base class for all organization responses.
OrganizationServiceFaultRepresents an organization service fault.
ParameterCollectionProvides a collection of parameters for a request.
RelatedEntityCollectionProvides a collection of related entities.
RelationshipRepresents a relationship between two entities.
RelationshipQueryCollectionProvides a collection of relationship queries.
RemoteExecutionContextDefines the contextual information sent to a remote service endpoint at run-time.
SaveChangesExceptionRepresents an exception that occurred when saving changes to the OrganizationServiceContext.
SaveChangesResultCollectionProvides a collection of results for a save changes operation.
ServiceEndpointFaultRepresents a fault at a service endpoint in the cloud.


IExecutionContextBase interface that defines the contextual information passed to a plug-in or custom workflow activity at run-time.
IOrganizationServiceProvides programmatic access to the metadata and data for an organization.
IOrganizationServiceFactoryRepresents a factory for creating IOrganizationService instances.
IPluginBase interface for a plug-in.
IPluginExecutionContextDefines the contextual information passed to a plug-in at run-time. Contains information that describes the run-time environment that the plug-in is executing in, information related to the execution pipeline, and entity business information.
IServiceEndpointNotificationServicePosts the plug-in execution context to the Windows Azure platform AppFabric Service Bus.
IServiceEndpointPluginDefines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Windows Azure platform AppFabric listener.
ITracingServiceProvides a method of logging run-time trace information for plug-ins.
ITwoWayServiceEndpointPluginDefines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Windows Azure platform AppFabric listener.
IWebHttpServiceEndpointPluginDefines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Windows Azure platform AppFabric listener.


EntityRoleContains values to indicate the role the entity plays in a relationship.
EntityStateIndicates the state of an entity as tracked by the OrganizationServiceContext and indicates to the server the operation that should be performed for a related entity.
OperationStatusRepresents the current state of an operation.

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