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A table that lists the message and entity combinations supported by plug-ins is included in the SDK download. The table is provided as a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet complete with column filtering. The worksheet can be found at SDK\Tools\Message-entity support for plug-ins.xlsx.

The Message Availability column of the table provided indicates whether a message is available online, offline, or both. The Entity Deployment column indicates if the entity can be deployed on the server, on the client, or both. A value of null in the Primary Entity column means that there is no primary entity associated with the message. The same applies to the Secondary Entity column.

The term offline applies to the Microsoft DynamicsCRM for Microsoft Office Outlook with Offline Access. The term client can apply to either Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Online or Microsoft DynamicsCRM for Microsoft Office Outlook with Offline Access.

Whether a message is available online or offline can be programmatically determined by inspecting the SdkMessage.Availability attribute. For more information, see SdkMessage Entity Metadata.

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